Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dr. Eowyn: Illinois State Assembly approves gun confiscation bill

The state legislature of Illinois has approved a bill, HB 1465, which:
  • Requires 18 to 20-year-olds to hand over or transfer ownership of heretofore legally possessed “assault weapons” — which the NRA-ILA describes as commonly-owned “semi-automatic firearms” — as well as any magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.
  • Bans the sale of certain types of semi-automatic weapons to individuals under age 21.
  • Makes owning such a weapon by persons under age 21 a Class 3 felony for a first offense and a Class 2 felony for a second offense.
The government forcing people to forfeit or hand over weapons previously deemed legal is confiscation.
On February 28, 2018, the bill was passed by a vote of 64-51 in the State House of Representatives. On March 14, 2018, the Illinois State Senate passed the bill by a vote of 33-22. Both the House and Senate are controlled by a Democrat majority.
HB 1465 was introduced in Illinois’ House by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D). The bill’s 23 co-sponsors are all Democrats: 16 females, 7 males.
HB 1465 was introduced in Illinois’ Senate by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago). There were 7 co-sponsors, among whom was Republican Sen. Jim Oberweis, whom the NRA had given an “A” rating in 2014.
The bill deviates from the traditional military definition of assault rifle, requiring the weapon to be capable of selective fire options like three round bursts and fully-automatic, and instead defines it as any semi-automatic rifle or pistol with a belt or magazine fed system capable of more than 10 rounds or featuring a folding stock or the ability to accept tactical attachments such as scopes. The definition also includes some .50 caliber rifles.
Critics of the gun confiscation bill were taken aback by “the idea that the government would confiscate property.” The bill’s House sponsor, Rep. Michelle Mussman, responded to these concerns by assuring them “authorities will not visit homes to pick up weapons.” Rather, “a first offense for getting caught with prohibited firearms would be a misdemeanor offense.”
After the state Senate passed the bill, HB 1465 must go back to the House for reconciliation because the Senate added an amendment, meant to attract Republican support for the bill, which would allow individuals who owned such weapons prior to the passage of the law to use that fact as an affirmative defense when facing felony charges under the legislation.
But Sen. Chapin Rose (R) told Watchdog.org that the amendment would not necessarily protect owners of the weapons from facing felony charges if they do not surrender them. He believes the bill should have exempted current owners of the weapons from facing charges, rather than just offering them an affirmative defense while under arrest.
If Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) signs the bill, HB 1465 will become law. Residents under the age of 21 will have 90 days to turn over the guns and magazines.
Rauner recently vetoed a bill that would have required gun retailers to be licensed by the state, claiming that to be “unnecessary, burdensome regulation.” Gubernatorial vetoes can be overturned by a three-fifths majority vote in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly.
Illinois also recently passed other gun control bills in addition to the gun confiscation HB 1465:
  • The Illinois State Senate passed HB 1467, which bans bump stocks and trigger cranks, and added an amendment to that bill allowing localities to ban what it defines as assault weapons, potentially creating different gun laws on a town-by-town basis in Illinois.
  • The Illinois House of Representatives passed HB 1468, which would impose a 72-hour waiting period on purchases of items defined as assault weapons. The Senate has yet to vote on the measure.

OPERATION HOGGWASH: The Strange Case of Emma's Enigmatic Parents

By Dan Cromer

[Editor's note: From scratch, Emma and David seemed to be too perfect for their roles as though they had been cast in a staged "school shooting" production. When I learned of the interview on 60 Minutes, it seemed highly likely to me that her "parents" had been cast for those roles, too. And that if that were the case, the parents would be lowlifes, willing to scam the public for their own benefit (which could be in the form of payment, expunging their records or other forms of reward). That they turn out to have criminal backgrounds, including drug dealing and child molestation, therefore, came to me as no surprise. How much did 60 Minutes know? Thanks to Dan for another brilliant expose.]

Curiously, the media has reported very little information about the family of Stoneman Douglas High School student, Emma González who seemingly overnight catapulted into the national spotlight as an activist and advocate for gun control. On the other hand, the media almost immediately reported the names and occupations of David Hogg’s parents and featured them along with his younger sister in interviews.

According to Wikipedia, David is originally from Los Angeles, California, but moved to Florida at the beginning of high school. He is the son of Kevin Hogg, a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher for Broward County Public Schools in Broward County, Florida. He has a younger sister, Lauren.

For Emma, Wikipedia states she was raised in Parkland, Florida and has lived there her entire life. Her mother is a math tutor and her father is a cyber security attorney who immigrated from Cuba to New York City in 1968. She has two older siblings. It was not until their 60 Minutes appearance that aired on March 18, that the media provided a glimpse of Emma’s parents.

The 60 Minutes interview conducted at the González home in Parkland, FL provided just one quick shot of her father (who they did not name) but did feature a short interview with her mother, who was only referred to as “Beth”.

Elizabeth and Jose moved to Parkland, FL in November 1998 and still live there today:


Elizabeth has a criminal record and acting credits, too

It may now be apparent as to why the media has been concealing the identities of Emma’s parents. Her mother’s name is Elizabeth (Weigard) González and while she currently may be a “math tutor”, her past reveals many years of work in the television and film industry and a criminal record that includes Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver.

According to her IMBd profile, she has numerous television and film credits including Director. Perhaps, this is why she was interviewed and not the father.

When Elizabeth and husband, Jose Emilio González lived in Dallas, TX, she was charged for Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver (Cocaine 4 grams):

Jose Gonzalez: Criminal Records for Possession and Child Molestation

While it is true that Jose González is currently a “cyber security attorney” at Terremark Worldwide, Inc. in Miami, FL. his past reveals a wide variety of seemingly unrelated careers and an enormously long list of criminal records including Possession of a Controlled Substance and Child Molestation while in Dallas, TX.

Possession of a Controlled Substance charges:

Child Molestation and Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes:

In addition, Jose’s criminal records include multiple charges for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Driving While Intoxicated, Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place, Probation Violation and Assault:

Elizbeth and Jose do not appear to have a daughter, Emma

And most puzzling of all, it appears that Elizabeth and Jose do not have a daughter named "Emma".  They do have two sons, Desmond and Cary as noted in Emma’s Wikipedia profile but there appears to be no evidence that she is a member of this family based on background information.

Also, Emma does not appear on the list of registered voters for the González residence in Parkland, FL. Certainly, it stands to reason that she would be registered to vote given all of her advocacy work. 

Equally puzzling, David Hogg does not appear to be the son of Kevin Hogg and Rebecca Boldrick according to background information.  Their daughter, Lauren is included but not David.

The Gomez and Hogg Families may even be related

Furthermore, it appears that the González and Hogg families may in fact be related.  At what appears to be Elizabeth’s Facebook account, her friends include Margarita and Guadalupe González, the stepmother and stepsister of Kevin Hogg’s sister Katherine González.

And another thing, why did a dog drive by Emma and David in a truck during their CNN fake news interview?

Dan Cromer, an IT expert, was the first to discern that the audio from the Las Vegas concert was too high quality and had been prerecorded with sound effects of machine guns and military weapons, which were being complemented by special visual effects and an audience seeded with crisis actors. His research is based upon pubic records. Please contact the editor regarding any possible discrepancies.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Preston James: Fooling American masses with false-flag terror no longer easy

Preston James, Ph.D.

Even though the Ruling Cabal controls the six Major Mass Media, it is no longer easy for the Ruling Cabal to fool the American People with their staged, engineered false-flag terror attacks.

We now know for certain that the Ruling Cabal has been using USG and its secret factions in various agencies like DHS, FEMA, the FBI, the CIA, and foreign groups like the Mossad, DVD and other subcontractors, to repeatedly engineer and stage Gladio-style False-flag attacks.
More and more these Cabal ordered, USG run false-flag attacks are now being exposed for what they actually are, inside-job attacks on We The People. And they are being deployed in order to convince We The People to give up more Constitutional rights (especially the right to bear arms) in exchange for promises of increased safety from terror.
The first recorded use of False-Flag terror occurred in the 1700’s with Naval vessels of competing nations where one navy would set up a renegade ship, flag it with their enemies flag and make an attack on one of their own Navy’s ships. This provided a means to wrongly blame an enemy who did not attack, and was used to justify attacking that enemy or go to war with that enemy.

This technique was used by the Nazis at Gleweitz, Germany where they dressed up like Polish Soldiers and attacked a German radio station and used it as an excuse to invade Poland and start WWII.

It was also used by the Nazis to burn down the Reichstag and blame it on the Russians and institute gun control and other anti-terror measures such as the Nazi Enabling Act.

The reason that these numerous false-flag terror incidents deployed are being exposed for what they really are more and more every day to an increasing number of Americans is because of the emergence and common use of the worldwide Internet.

Every day more and more folks are going to alternative media websites as a source of current news and truth, instead of watching or listening to the six Network Major Mass Media News.

As the masses increasingly use the Internet Alternative Media websites, the number of users of the six Major Mass Media decreases proportionately.

As this downward spiral of less use of the Major Mass Media increases daily, the Ruling Cabal that controls the Internet through certain USG and foreign Intel agencies has begun instituting blatant means to demonetize alt media websites and authors, restrict searches, and censor alt media posts. Numerous alt media websites are being attacked and having content removed illegally.

Much of this new web censorship is being done secretly by use of “national security letters” which are signed Intelligence findings that are delivered to a web service operator who is allowed to read such, but cannot keep it and will be threatened with a $10,000 fine and 10 years in jail if they disclose the order.

Many alt media authors are now collaborating to set up their own alternative networks to thwart this censorship.

The Internet has become the Achilles heel of the Ruling Cabal which has been empowered by its private worldwide central FIAT banking which allowed it to establish a stranglehold on America and most of the world the last 100 years.

The Ruling Cabal has fully supported the concept of the Worldwide Internet because it was sold to them by DARPA and American Intel as the greatest surveillance and mind-kontrol tool ever devised. To a certain degree this has held true.

However, what was not anticipated was that the Internet would quickly become a powerful force for education of the masses of Ruling Cabal crimes and the crimes of their henchmen across various Intel agencies and subcontractors who they use to do their dirty work including many harrassments and murders. Nor was it expected that the Internet would result in the emergence of a new and powerful populism in America.

The speed of light transmission of information about the Ruling Cabal’s massive crimes against Americans and much of the world by deployment of the USG’s Intel agencies and the US Military has created a rapid emergence of populism in the American People and much of the western world.

And this new and massive populism is now based on leaked, reported extensive knowledge of the Ruling Cabal’s deployed covert actions by those individual agents who were close to them and never accepted such evil actions. In the last several years  many former US Intel agents have leaked massive amounts of illegal acts by the various agencies they worked for.

These illegal acts leaked are a wide variety of crimes against humanity and violations of the US Constitution, International Law, the laws of many other nations, and include murder, mass-murder, promotion of pedophilia and satanism, targeting of dissidents and numerous types of human compromise crimes.

It is now obvious that most US Intel agencies and those other G7 ones they share operations and immunity with are functioning inside America as a large RICO crime syndicate run by the Ruling Cabal that hijacked America in 1913 with the illegal passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act.

Powerful renegade factions deep inside certain unacknowledged secret space war programs have emerged, folks with full access to all NSA collected secrets, and these folks have leaked massive disclosures through the Internet by multiple sources to make certain the Ruling Cabal would be displaced and brought to its knees.

The Internet quickly has become the world’s New Gutenberg Press and is producing a new powerful, mass populism in America.

The Internet is the New Gutenberg press and is creating a strong, emerging populism in America and much of the World. Populism is antagonistic to Globalism and will destroy the Globalist’s NWO agenda unless stopped. Many insiders believe that the Internet’s popularity will assure the destruction of the Globalist’s NWO Agenda and will result in the progressive repatriotization of American Intel and Law Enforcement.

Actually, the Internet has quickly become the world’s New Gutenberg Press. The Gutenberg Press was revolutionary and made mass-produced printed materials available by the invention of resettable type-set.

This new revolutionary development allowed the mass-printing of the Bible which gelded the Vatican back as soon as the educated classes began to read the scripture and discovered that the Vatican did not follow it but had created church tradition to support bad policies.

False-Flags are always the result of a fascist regime at work.

Successful deployment of false-flag attacks is ipso-fact complete evidence that a nation is technically in a state of fascism (the government has merged with the largest, most powerful corporations).

In America right now we have a state of super-fascism which is the merger of the corporation and the state with the corporations stacking the USG to perform as their puppets.

And the history of WWII has shown us all that Fascist regimes are always set up and controlled by the Ruling Cabal which runs the private central FIAT central Banking System.

Seasoned investigators have labeled this Ruling Cabal as occult and satanic based, filled with pedophiles and child sacrificers and best described as World Zionists run out of the City of London, a separate one square mile nation-state with its own police force and diplomats. Note: The top World Zionist Ruling Cabal controllers and policy-makers carry NO Hebrew Blood but are Old Black European Nobility.

False-flags cannot be effectively deployed unless the Major Mass Media, Intel and Law Enforcement are controlled.

In order for the public to be effectively bamboozled into believing the government’s (aka “the perp’s”) false-narratives in the Major Mass Media that always accompany their false-flag attacks, that fascist government must have gained control over the existing Major Mass Media, Intel and Law Enforcement.

In America this has classically been quite easy for the to accomplish because the Major Mass Media has been consolidated into six major International media corporations and functions as an illegal news monopoly (under anti-trust laws), best described as a news cartel.

And since the Roswell incident in 1947, National Security was initially imposed on the USA to protect the Alien ET/UFO/anti-gravity secrets, but since has become expanded to be used as a false cover for all the sins, evils and crimes of the Ruling Cabal and its agents in the Major Mass Media, Intel, Law Enforcement and USG agencies.

In America the six Major Mass Media have been transformed after 1947 into CIA proprietaries that function in lock-step for the Ruling Cabal through official USG spokespersons. These media spokespersons are personally controlled by the CIA directly or indirectly.

Whenever the government/Major Mass Media complex’s false-narratives about their False-flags terror attacks start being rejected by a growing portion of the populace, this means that the Fascist Regime behind such attacks is being seriously challenged.

And that is precisely what is happening now in America thanks to the Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press.

The New Gutenberg Press as a strong neutralizer of the Ruling Cabal’s false-narratives about their engineered and staged False-flag terror attacks, and this works to erode USG fascism.

Despite all the differences and disagreements that have at times arisen between different  Internet alternative media websites that are exposing these False-flag terror attacks for what they really are (Gladio-style government actions designed to extract more power and rights from the masses), their collective product has been to degrade and neutralize the false-narratives of the False-flag perps in various USG agencies.

Some of the Alternative media Internet websites fully expose these USG False-flags and are viewed by other less radical, less well informed alt websites as too radical, occasionally accusing these full exposers of being “limited hangout” Cabal agents.

Usually Cabal apologists and their cover-up artists are hidden among the “limited hangout” type alt media Internet websites. The Cabal’s financing, use and protection of some alt media “limited hangout” websites actually has failed in its goal of neutralizing the Internet’s massive disclosures of their dirty secrets. Why is this so?

Because many of the Alt Media website users have become so knowledgeable and sophisticated that they will pick and choose truth nuggets from these limited hangout websites while rejecting their conclusions (aka “Bad payloads”).

There is a growing number of sophisticated alt media website users that take the truth nuggets from each website that resonate with their current mindset and then draw their own conclusions.

Even if alt media website users disagree on whether anybody died or not at the latest mass-shooting in Parkland, Florida, most now agree that this incident and most others like it are Cabal engineered and staged Gladio-style false-flag attacks.

These may differ with some thinking these False-flags used either MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled “Sirhan-Sirhan type” patsies, multiple shooters and had real dead victims.

Others who know they are engineered and staged false-flags may believe that large numbers of crisis actors were used, fake stage blood and faked events were deployed to fool the public and nobody was actually murdered or even shot.

But the bottom line there is more basic agreement than disagreement that all these events in some way are USG engineered and staged “inside-job” Gladio-style False-flag attacks on We The People.

It is know by insiders that police involved in many of such matters have seen national security (with threats of prosecution, sometime lethal threats) imposed to prevent them from telling what they know and the release of any forensic evidence or crime scene videos or photos.

It is also know beyond any shadow of a doubt that crisis actors have been hired in advance for many of these False-flag events. Advertising for such has been recovered and faces of some different False-flags matched showing the same actors used more than once sometimes. It is also known for a fact that many of these crisis events have had DHS/FEMA live-shooter drills scheduled for that same day or right before.


Even with the numerous differences various alt media website users have about the unfolding of these mass crisis events, and whether folks really died or not, most are getting hip to the fact that all of these are engineered and staged USG related False-flag terror attacks.

Let me emphasize what will happen if we ever see the day that our state and federal governments start enforcing the numerous laws already on the books for terrorism and take on the Ruling Cabal and their engineered, staged False-flag synthetic terror attacks: hundreds of US officials, elected and appointed, in various USG Agnesse, both Intel and Law enforcement will be going to jail for life.

Why? Because the deployment and cover up of False-flag terror is major felony crime. It violates numerous federal and state laws including RICO criminal and civil.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

Jim Fetzer

The Parkland, FL, school shooting was one more in a (seemingly endless) string of fabricated events that appear to be designed to instill fear into the public to make it more amenable to manipulation to promote a political agenda, which, as Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show has observed, has three stages:
First, a massive assault on the 1st Amendment, covered by the use of private companies--namely, the Social Media Giants: Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter--to remove critics of "official accounts" from publicizing and sharing their research;

Second, a correlated attack on the 2nd Amendment, where the University of Hawaii's Democide project has shown there were 19 genocides during the 20th Century, each of which was preceded by gun confiscation, leaving the population helpless to resist; and,

Third, the extraction of dissidents--the critics, those who speak out against "fake news", propaganda and censorship--who must be removed because they pose a threat to the Deep State and can inspire others to stand up for their rights and transferred to American gulags, which we know as "FEMA camps".
That the removal of guns from law-abiding citizens is not in the interest of the American people follows from studies that have shown that gun ownership and homicide rates are inversely related, which means the greater gun ownership, the lower the homicide rate, as multiple studies have shown. John Lott, The War on Guns (2016), makes a very good read about what's really going on. Consider:

This means that we confront the choice between high gun ownership and low homicide rates or low gun ownership and high homicide rates. Why call the police in a threatening situation? Because they have guns. Egad! Are we incapable of learning from the Chicago experience, which has among the most stringent gun control laws in the country but also the highest gun violence and homicide rate?

Parkland is only the latest in a series of staged events, which are intended to undermine our rights under the 2nd Amendment, which were inspired by Barack Obama's nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act, which precluded the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propagand within the United States as were being used without. For substantiation, here's a review of the latest on Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and Parkland, about which much more below:

Here are ten reasons for concluding that the Parkland Shooting was a staged event, planned long in advance, which included the use of student "crisis actors" faking wounds they did not incur and even teachers and doctors making false claims about the death of a fellow teacher (who was no longer at the school) and about wounds that healed in record time (in violation of the laws of physiology and medicine). See how many more proofs you can discern. We begin with location, location, location:

(1) It was staged in the immediate vicinity of Mar-a-Lago to as a challenge to President Trump:

(2) The timing was exquisite on multiple grounds, which were to benefit the Democratic Party:

          (2a) Changing the narrative from the crumbling Russiagate 
                  scam to gun control: 

          (2b) Diverting attention for Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-
                  FL) from the Awan trial:

(3) The school was named after an environmentalist who opposed draining the Everglades:

(4) The Florida State Legislature was considering broadening concealed-carry laws that day:

(5) The Secret Service came to the campus and changed security protocols two weeks earlier:

(6) A key surveillance camera was removed from the entrance to the freshman building:

(7) Army personnel were directing students not to look at bodies they were concealing under mats:

(8) EMTs were anxious to go in to aid the wounded, but were held back by "law enforcement":

(9) There were students faking wounds, teachers and doctors lying, and phony student activists:

      (9a) Aaron Feis, who was hailed for giving his life to protect his students, attends a funeral: 

     (9b) Student shot in the right leg turns out to be wearing a prosthesis with no toe nails:

     (9c) Maddy Wilford, shot 3 times, has miraculously healed from her most serious wounds:

      (9d) Samantha Fuentes covers wounds inflicted by an AR-15 a week earlier with band-aids:

       (9e) Another student "in holocaust class" said she defected a bullet with a book, "a tiny book":

       (9f1) A teacher said she confronted the shooter, who shot and killed another across the hallway:

       (9f2) But Alex Scott, a 25-year police officer and 15-year general detective isn't buying her story:

       (9g) The only "live" footage shows an apparent mannequin lying in a pool of fake blood:
(10) The father of student activist David Hogg turns out to be an FBI "Crisis Management Specialist": 

      (10a) David was outed by a fellow student in an earlier exchange caught on tape:

    (10b) Surprise! His father, Kevin, turns out to be an FBI "Crisis Management Specialist":

WOW! What are we to conclude from the evidence? Using inference to the best explanation, I would suggest that the hypothesis,  
(h1) Parkland was yet another staged shooting event,
is overwhelmingly better supported than its alternative,

(h2) Parkland was a real shooting where 17 died. 
What, after all, is the probability of doctors and teachers lying, of multiple students faking wounds and of a deceased coach attending a funeral after his demise if it were a real shooting? Approximately zero. What is the probability of that same body of evidence if it were staged? Approximately one.

Here's a comprehensive review of virtually every aspect of the Parkland shooting, including how they appear to have arranged to have a cooperative coroner in place, just as they have in Las Vegas. If we can't see through these staged events, they are going to vitiate the 1st Amendment and take our guns. We will then be helpless to defend ourselves against the tyranny of the Deep State enveloping us. Who better to write the script than an FBI "Crisis Management Specialist", the father, Kevin Hogg?


My inference is that this was done in collaboration with the local authorities, including the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, where David Hogg was planted in the school to be a spokesman for gun control in accordance with the agenda of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who desperately need to change the narrative from the crumbling "Russiagate" story and FBI/DNC/DWS collusion to the more DNC-friendly gun control agenda, using students as stooges and unwitting DNC activists.

Yes, even the students, for the most part, have been played. They don't know enough about the issue to have a rational opinion about gun control, especially when it turns out that rates of gun ownership and homicide are inversely related. We have another example of a popular, widespread belief--that the more guns, the more homicides--being exploited by a political party to advance its interests at the expense of the interests of the American people. Don't be played! They are out to steal our country.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of moonrockbooks.com.